“Thanks so much for everything, you helped me get this and I honestly can’t thank you enough for being so patient and understanding! Wouldn’t have got it without you 🙂 “

Rose Cripps – Passed May 2021

“Thank you so much for all your help! Definitely wouldn’t have managed it without all the lessons!! I’ll message about a motorway lesson in a couple of weeks if that’s okay?”
Kirsty Gatfield – Passed first time with no faults May 2021

“Thanks for teaching me Nick, you’ve been a great Instructor!”

Ciara Donnelly – Passed first time April 2021

“Thanks for all the help. I wouldn’t have passed first time without you, so thank you 🙂 “

Liam Eagle – Passed first time April 2021

“Hi Nick sorry it has taken me this long but just wanted to say a big thank you for getting Daniel through his test, you were very supportive with him. I got him insured on my car for a couple of days before he went off to Uni and he is a very sensible driver. His younger brother is next however he is not sure he wants to learn at the moment, thanks again I will recommend you to anyone looking for a driving instructor in the future 🙂 “

Pauline Seaman – Dan Seaman passed Sept 2020

” Hi Nick, thanks for everything you’ve done to help Emily. Not only with her driving, but also her confidence too. She found you to be a helpful, calm and patient instructor and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others. Best wishes, Rachel”

Emily Wells    Passed Sept 2020

“Nick has been an excellent instructor – he is calm, patient, reliable and professional. Thank you Nick for helping me to pass my test and for giving me confidence when driving!”

Lauren Otway   Passed February 2020

“Thank you Nick! It’s been a pleasure – genuinely great having you every step of the way and to finally get where I am now, it’s truly so rewarding. Thank you so, so much :)”

Joe Clarkson    Passed January 2020

“Thanks to you Nick – Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Chris Thompson    Passed first time December 2019

“Thank you for teaching me and helping me pass so quick – I really enjoyed it. Just went out for my first drive on my own, and looking forward to no longer getting the bus!”
Lucy Groves      Passed first time November 2019

“Thank you for your kind patience helping Tyler to pass his test 1st time – Much appreciated”  Becky and Darren Philips

Tyler Philips    Passed first time October 2019

“Thank you so much Nick! You’ve been an amazing teacher, so patient and calm! Can’t thank you enough for all your help :)”

Holly Garner     Passed October 2019

“Hey Nick, I went out all on my own in my car today for the first time ever and made it back alive! Thank you again for all you taught me and for having the patience of a saint! All the best, Leah :)”

Leah Goode    Passed May 2019

“Our daughter has just passed her test on the first attempt so we are very happy. We were really pleased with Nick’s relaxed manner which really helped to calm her nerves when driving – and also his reliability and professionalism. Thanks Nick!”

Claire Finch  (Vicky Finch passed first time April 2019)

“Hi Nick, just to say thank you for helping me learn to drive over the past few months. Would definitely recommend you to new drivers looking to learn”

Sam Lucas   Passed first time December 2018

“Hello, just wanted to say thank you very much for doing such a good job teaching Eloise to drive. You made it a very positive experience for her. She has a little sister who will need teaching in 4 years, so we will be in touch then!! Thanks again, Nicola and Ian”

Nicola  March     (Eloise March Passed first time October 2018)

“Hi Nick…well, how do I start?…THANK YOU very much! He passed first time – Pretty impressive. Thanks you for your perseverance and support, much appreciated. I’m sure you will get recommendations from our end. Cheers.”

Mo Al-Hilal         (Yaseen Al-Hilal Passed first time Sept 2018)

“Hi Nick, thanks again for being a fantastic instructor – I really appreciate it. All the best, Yaz”

Yaseen Al-Hilal    Passed first time Sept 2018

“Thank you Nick. Couldn’t have done it without your excellent teaching! Lucy”

Lucy King           Passed first time Sept 2018

“Thank you so much for everything – I’m so pleased! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kosha Karnad     Passed first time July 2018

“Hi Nick, thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure learning with you”

Fran Jennion       Passed June 2018

“Nick, thank you very much for teaching me to drive. You were very patient and supportive throughout our lessons, and you always gave constructive feedback no matter how well I drove that day, which helped keep me on track and develop my driving in a way so that I felt confident in my driving ability, meaning I was able to pass my practical test first time.
For teaching you how to drive, it is definitely a good decision to pick Nick!
I also took my pass plus with Nick and the experience was very alike, a great constructive learning environment ensured that no matter the weather, time of day or terrain we both felt completely comfortable in the car!”

Hannah Scott       Passed first time April 2018

“I was looking for a last minute refresher lesson before a driving assessment for an interview and Nick was able to commit his time with only a few days notice. He called me up beforehand to find out how he could best help me and was very friendly throughout. He helped identify a few bad habits I had picked up and even took the time to write these up into an email reminder which was very handy. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for a refresher course or learning to drive for the first time as he was kind but knowledgeable and an overall very good instructor! And I passed the interview assessment!”

Chloe Brown       February 2018

“Hi Nick, hope you are well. Just a quick text to thank you so much for getting Sam through his driving test. Sounds like he wants to do the Pass Plus course with you too, so that’s really good. Our next Son is due to start in 4 years, so we will be in touch again then! Regards, Matt Rogers”

Sam Rogers        Passed first time November 2017

“Hey Nick! Would just like to say a massive ‘thank you’ once again for all the help you’ve given me. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done, and also for how enjoyable you made each and every lesson! Now looking forward to applying for the Pass Plus scheme!”

Jamie Fuller          Passed first time November 2017

“Hi Nick, just to say a big thank you for getting Noelia through her driving test. She certainly has come on leaps & bounds since she started with you and hopefully will remember most of the things you taught her. She has already driven on her own from Alton to North Waltham and did very well! If we hear of anyone needing lessons in our new village, I will certainly get them to contact you”

Kevin       (Noelia White, passed November 2017)

“Thank you very much for all your help and giving me the confidence to take my test – I’ll have a think about the Pass Plus and get back to you” 🙂

Imogen Swann      Passed October 2107 (with only 2 minors)

“Just wanna say thank you so much – you’ve been amazing with teaching me, and I am so grateful for everything” 🙂

Wednesday Topley-Watts      Passed first time September 2017

“Hi Nick, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the hard work, effort, patience and skill you had with Ellie. I know it wasn’t easy and I also know she would never have done it without you!

We all appreciate it so much”

Karen Cole  (Ellie Cole passed April 2017)

“Hi, thank you again so much for your help – I really enjoyed my lessons with you 🙂 I’m still looking for a car to buy at the moment, but once I’ve got one I’ll be in touch about the Pass Plus! Thanks!”

Isabella Tan   Passed January 2017

“At 38, some might say that I’m a ‘mature’ learner! I just say that I lived in London and never needed to drive! On moving to the London borough of Basingstoke, I soon realized that I needed an automobile to escape the town! I needed a driving instructor who would be flexible as my work is varied. I needed a driving instructor who would teach me as an equal and not condescend me as a student. I needed a driving instructor to be firm with me when my mind went blank and encourage me to keep going! I needed a driving instructor I could trust and believe in. Luckily, I found Nick”

Becky Kitter (aka Mrs Pufferbang)      Passed November 2016

“Thank you so much for everything that you’ve taught me! I’m really grateful!!!!”

Ellie Littlechild     Passed first time August 2016

“When choosing my driving instructor I wanted to go with someone who teaches you to be safe on the road. Nick’s track record of passes was well above the average, and that was very appealing. Having now passed my test, I am very glad to say that I made the right choice. Nick worked with me throughout the entirety of my lessons, helping me to understand difficult concepts and develop essential driving skills. I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt! Thanks again for all your help, absolutely amazing teacher!”

Sonny Maitland-Smith   Passed first time July 2016

“Nick, thank you very much for teaching me to drive. You were very patient and supportive throughout, and you always gave constructive feedback to keep a good learning environment in the car. Overall, I felt confident in my ability to drive, and this came through in the practical test. Thanks again for teaching me how to drive, and to anyone looking for a friendly instructor to help them pass, it is definitely a good decision to pick Nick!”

Robert Scott      Passed first time April 2016 with NO FAULTS!!

“Learning to drive is a skill for life, and I thought learning would be a very complicated and unpleasant experience. I was wrong. Nick is that kind of person who will make you feel from the beginning that you are in good hands and that nothing is too difficult when approached with the right attitude. Not only is he an excellent teacher who will adapt his methods to your capacity and skills, but he will always answer your questions with a smile and give you positive criticism when you make a mistake. Also importantly, he will make you feel safe and confident when driving by his side! He won’t only teach you how to drive, but he’ll also show you how to be a GOOD DRIVER. If you are thinking about learning to drive, you will make the BEST CHOICE by choosing Nick! I can’t thank him enough for making my journey in learning the most enjoyable one that anybody could ever dream of!”

Rosa Tiburcio Gonzales   Passed August 2015

“Dear Nick, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me to pass first time! I have to say, it all comes down to you! It’s a testament to your amazing teaching and I couldn’t have been happier with the result or the tutoring!! Thanks a lot for everything again”

Tom Balche   Passed first time December 2015

“Nick, thank you soooo much! Thank you for being so amazing 🙂 I am super happy I passed – it’s all down to your lessons. Take care, and see you around” 🙂

Jessica Vargas   Passed first time November 2015

“Hi Nick. Thanks again for all your patience with me and your hard work too. Many thanks, Simone”   Simone Tonnocci, passed August 2015

“Hi Nick. Thanks a lot, still have a smile on my face – so chuffed to do it first time and with 4 minors. Thanks again!!”   Aaron Jones  Passed first time August 2015

“Thanks a lot Nick for all your help, so pleasing to pass first time – thanks for everything”   Callum Donnelly   Passed first time June 2015

“Thank you for teaching me to drive! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!”  🙂   Rhiannon Taylor   Passed first time June 2015

“Thank you so much for your excellent tuition and patience! And for giving me the confidence to believe I could do it! It really is much appreciated, and I am over the moon – I still don’t think it has quite sunk in yet! I will definitely recommend you to anyone learning to drive, and I have no doubt that without your patience, calm and relaxed expert tuition I would not have passed the test at all – let alone first time!!”

Sarah Woods   Passed first time March 2015

“Hi Nick, I am so relieved that I finally passed! Just wanted to say thank you for your help and patience. Thanks again” 🙂

Jaslin Seehra   Passed February 2015

“Nick, thank you very much! With your support and patience with me, I passed my test! You have been a brilliant teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with you” 🙂

Indra Pun Garbuja   Passed December 2014

“Hi Nick! Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the confidence in my ability to drive and as a result I passed first time! I would definitely recommend anyone learning to drive, to drive with Nick as he puts you at complete ease and works with your style of learning. I was under pressure to pass my test asap for work purposes and Nick got me there! So, coming from a very happy and satisfied pupil…a big thank you!!”

Gilly Fennell, Chineham   Passed first time April 2014

“Nick is a great instructor! I started driving with him with no previous driving experience and he really put me at ease. I always looked forward to my driving lessons and I managed to pass first time! You can’t go wrong… Learn with Nick!”

Amy Watson, Tadley   Passed first time January 2014

“I started learning with Nick around 5 months ago. I’m Spanish, and my English is not amazing, however Nick has been very patient with me. He is very clear with his instructions and a wonderful instructor. He gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to drive, and he is very flexible with the hours. I would recommend him to anyone, and thanks to him I passed first time.

Thank you very much again Nick!!!”

Jennifer 🙂

Jennifer Lopez, passed first time March 2014

“Nick has been a fantastic and patient instructor who fills you with confidence from the first lesson. The new car is really great to drive, even for a tall person like myself. He was able to focus lessons on what I really needed to practice, and I did not feel any of my lessons were wasted and I ended up fully prepared for my test and subsequent pass.”

Richard Mayo

“I just wanted to say thanks for the lessons for my son Joel. They definitely helped a lot, which was evident as he only had 2 minor faults!! Many thanks once again!”

Corienne Strange, Brighton Hill

“When I first contacted Nick, I was really nervous thinking about driving on the road. Now I have passed my driving test and drive every day between work and home. Looking back over the whole process, I feel so grateful I had Nick as my  instructor. He is extremely well trained, and can quickly pick up on strengths and weaknesses during a lesson. He also explains why things go wrong and how to improve. Nick was also very flexible to schedule lessons to meet my personal needs. What’s more, Nick is patient, calm and encouraging and I felt very comfortable to ask and discuss any questions or even have a short laugh 🙂 Learning driving can be stressful – but as I mentioned to Nick, I actually miss our driving lessons now I’ve passed 🙂

I was recommended by a friend to Nick; now I have recommended him to many of my colleagues and friends.”

Nicole, Oakley

“Well where do I start? I got in contact with Nick about booking some lessons and he replied promptly and squeezed me in as soon as he could. Nick is a very patient and calm instructor with a very relaxed atmosphere in the lessons. He boosted my confidence driving within the first couple of lessons, and made me feel very comfortable. All in all, a very BIG thumbs up! I would recommend Nick to all who are looking for a professional driving instructor!”

James Adam, Hatch Warren

“When I first started lessons with Nick I had no experience of driving a car at all, and was really apprehensive about the whole process. Nick was able to get me past this and to the bit where I actually enjoyed driving. No mean feat! He was always very calm with a gentle humour that meant I didn’t take it too seriously and kept focused on what I should be doing. I found the method of teaching very straightforward and liked the tick box approach which meant I could actually see my progress and feel like I was improving. I passed first time and really do think this is down to Nick’s teaching and patience, as well as a lovely car and reasonable prices. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody whether a real beginner like I was or someone who just needs a top up before their test.”

Laura, Chineham (passed first time)

“Learning to drive with Nick was like learning with a friend! The atmosphere was very relaxed but informative and I felt comfortable asking questions and discussing points until I fully understood them, both in terms of things directly relevant to passing the test but also general driving points. I will be definitely be doing further driver training with Nick. Thanks for everything!”

Natasha Bell, Chineham (passed first time with only 1 minor fault)

“Before coming to Nick for lessons, I had already failed my driving test and was feeling somewhat defeated.  Nick picked up immediately on my strengths and weaknesses; he reinforced what was good while developing skills in other areas.  His approach is always positive and encouraging.  You feel comfortable to ask any questions regardless how stupid you think they may be, and where he has a pleasant and calm manner he builds confidence in yourself to realize that you are able to achieve your goal and be a good driver.”

John Lawrence, Rooksdown

“Thank you very much! You were an amazing teacher and extremely patient with me, and if it weren’t for you I definitely wouldn’t have passed first time! I would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Hope all goes well for you, and you can mention my pass on your web page if that helps, I don’t mind. You site looks very professional as well. Dead fancy 🙂  Thank you again; I miss your little Corsa already!”

Annie Murphy, Axford (passed first time)

“It is official!!! I passed. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thanks so much for all your help!”

Pam Haley, Alton (passed first time)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons with you. I found that every minute helped. The methods were great and I was always learning something new. You are a fantastic teacher and with your tuition I was able to pass first time. Thank you.”

Joshua Humphries, Oakley (passed first time)

“On my very first lesson I thought I would never be able to remember everything about driving, but thanks to Nick’s patience and kind manner I gradually found myself becoming more and more comfortable when driving. Nick never made me do anything I wasn’t happy to do, which helped me gain more confidence and become a better driver. I passed my test first time and will definitely be recommending Nick to my friends.”

Sophie Lee, Basingstoke (passed first time)