Coronavirus Update Message

Update message to all current pupils

Dear Pupil

Firstly, I hope you and your family are all safe and well and have been surviving these very strange past few months.

In view of the announcement last week regarding resuming driving lessons and tests, I would like to review the situation on 1st July to see how to take things forward in relation to restarting lessons.

Therefore, could I please ask all pupils to either email or text me the following information:

  1. Whether you would like to continue lessons as soon as possible
  2. Whether you would like to continue lessons but not straight away
  3. Your current situation in terms of availability for lessons (i.e. whether you are still in college lessons/lectures/working etc.)
  4. Whether you will be in full or part-time education from September/October and what form the lessons/lectures will be likely to take (i.e. from home/remotely/at college/Uni etc.)
  5. Whether you currently have a confirmed practical test date

If it’s possible to email learnwithnick@btinternet that would be preferable but if not then please text.

I am currently awaiting further guidance from the DVSA with regards to how to deliver lessons safely and with minimal risk to both the pupil and myself. I will only consider restarting lessons if I feel happy that the teaching environment is safe for both pupil and instructor and there may be adaptations to the car that I need to carry out before lessons can recommence – I will also require all pupils to contact me straight away if they or any family member/friend develop any symptoms in common with the virus.

In addition to this, I will also need to look at any PPE that might be needed and my timetable will need to be adjusted in order to allow me time to prepare the car safely for the next pupil between lessons.

Many thanks for your help and co-operation, and I hope to see you all soon!

Best wishes,